Going Trendy: Early Literacy

Helloย  all:

Just posting that I’ve decided to follow the trend of focusing on early literacy. (Parents, caregivers, educators, and early literacy produces an equation that is very trendy in library work with young children and a concept upon which I wholeheartedly agree.) Even here as I have discussed digital literacy, I’ve implied that children must be literate before good use of the digital tools can happen.

It’s likely that I will post little here over the next months so that I can focus my energy on my early literacy work on YouTube. I promote early literacy through reciting, rhyming, and reading: usually of nursery rhymes. Go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-afzk4ZZbNGuTbpHRR5cw

I invite you to visit the channel and by all means, I’d be delighted if you subscribe.

No matter what I’m doing, words and reading always seem to be at the heart of it.
Continue with me on the journey at YouTube.


Nursery Rhymes: Happenings With the Children!

Get Ready to Recite at http://youtu.be/leLbW85JM4k

Get Ready to Recite at http://youtu.be/leLbW85JM4k

Click the link within the caption to see me at YouTube reciting the rhyme with the children. (No you do not see them actually: drat those photo release permission rules!) But you can still feel their energy! ENJOY!

Nursery Rhymes Series — Week 3 and Beyond

Hey, we’re up to week 4 and we are going strong: more rhyming! I challenged the children by giving them word families that were different from the ones we’ve been practicing. So for instance with the word family “ap” I got responses such as cap rhymes with map, and cap rhymes with nap.

Progress abounds when I think of what I saw from week 1.
My favorites moments:
* upon entering the room, one of the girls asked if we were going to practice nursery rhymes again this week,
* just before he left, one little boy burst forth with a, “I had a great time!”

If life were always so fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nursery Rhyme Series — Videographer’s Journey

Hello all:
You know I have been executing the nursery rhyme series with the children. I have asked an associate to help me by videotaping the events. The plan was to take snippets of the videos along with some still shots and post them here and presumably on YouTube.
The snafus that he’s encountered! First, there was securing the equipment, then the batteries ran out… I thought we’d covered that! The list continues…
But you don’t need to hear it from me.
Keep returning to this post. He’s decided to be courageous enough to share his digital literacies woes!
Stay tuned!

Nursery Rhymes Series โ€” Oh Yes! WEEK 2

The children were on task today! (Thank you daycare workers!) First, we rehearsed what is a nursery rhyme. Next, we practiced Hickory Dickory Dock, This Little Piggy, and fell back into Green Eggs and Ham.

At the day’s end many of the children could couple “house with mouse” and “boat with goat” and “fox with box”.

There were plenty of smiles and a few giggles to boot. What a delight!

Nursery Rhymes Series — Oh Yes!

I started the series with the preschoolers. It was a bit tough as only 3 out 27 understood the concept of a rhyme.( Is this the average for preschoolers across America?) Anyway… I forged ahead and talked about rhymes, wrote down 5 or 6 pairs of rhymes, and then read one of my favorites Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
Next week awaits! ๐Ÿ™‚