Digital Literacy 2015 Trends Revisited — A Use of Digital Tools for High School Seniors

Hello all:
I am revisiting an entry posted at the beginning of this year on digital literacy trends. See

I discussed digital literacy with regard to educational issues, job skills, and going green.
I thought to extend the post by suggesting ways that high school seniors can professionally use cyberspace to their advantage. One social media tool is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is touted as the world’s largest professional network.

Yes we know many teenagers use digital tools  to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Consider suggesting that the high school seniors in your life begin to build a professional electronic/cyberspace presence on LinkedIn.

Once signed up they can use the website to:
practice writing and uploading a resume,
practice building their communication skills by reaching out to peers in a professional manner, (They could also connect with college personnel or college freshman if they are about to be a college student.)
 learn of the professional opportunities and professional associations that are posted through LinkedIn.

Look to get the high school seniors in your life to jumpstart their professional career. There’s no sense in letting those digital tools be used just for entertainment!

Do share your thoughts.