Website Building Anyone?

Immersed in the digital age as we are, technology seems to have taken over our entire lives. Well, when you are striving to be a part of the digital community and not run over by it, you start doing as others do.

I find myself in such a predicament. I am now trying my hand at building a website. (Actually, this is my second attempt.)  Many tout the ease of building a website: we can give you themes from which to choose, no html coding knowledge required, and drop and drag building is at your fingertips.
“The system is all intuitive”, they say.

I am here to tell you, it’s not all intuitive! YES, you can figure it out. But please go in with an open-mind, lots of patience, and the willingness to let at least one person look at the site while it is being developed. Having a good sense of color combinations and knowledge of font style, doesn’t hurt either!

The children and teens under our tutelage probably won’t have as much trouble as I am having. Nevertheless, we have to prepare them to use the digital tools for everyday life, self development, and professional communication.

Can’t you see the day, when building a website will be just as common a required skill among job workers then as using word processing skills is to us today?

Share your thoughts.