Going Trendy: Early Literacy

Hello  all:

Just posting that I’ve decided to follow the trend of focusing on early literacy. (Parents, caregivers, educators, and early literacy produces an equation that is very trendy in library work with young children and a concept upon which I wholeheartedly agree.) Even here as I have discussed digital literacy, I’ve implied that children must be literate before good use of the digital tools can happen.

It’s likely that I will post little here over the next months so that I can focus my energy on my early literacy work on YouTube. I promote early literacy through reciting, rhyming, and reading: usually of nursery rhymes. Go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-afzk4ZZbNGuTbpHRR5cw

I invite you to visit the channel and by all means, I’d be delighted if you subscribe.

No matter what I’m doing, words and reading always seem to be at the heart of it.
Continue with me on the journey at YouTube.