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Website Building Anyone — Part 2

The website is launched! Below is my process for trying to be “in the know” with respect to using digital tools for personal or professional growth.


  1.  Picked a web host.
  2.  Picked a theme.
  3.  Set up the pages  — Home, About Me, Blog, and a few others.
  4.  Wrote new text and copied pieces of texts from previous work I had done and put that into the pages.
  5. Added a photo in the About Me section.
  6. Changed the theme.
  7. Added a few keywords so that the search engines would retrieve my site for people to view.
  8. Held my breath and emailed the link  to 18 people that I thought would give my quick and constructive criticism.

Share your website building experiences.

P.S. If you want to view the website, look under the Links section and click on Creating Something.




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