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Visual Literacy: Now You See It — What Does It Mean? (Part 2)

Recently a colleague* did a short photo shoot of me and I used the pictures for my YouTube Channel. (Go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-afzk4ZZbNGuTbpHRR5cw.)
I thought it would be a good image to use when talking about visual literacy**.  Pretend you have a youngster nearby or go and get a real one and discuss the collage.
How would you

How would you “think through” these images?

During the discussion of visual literacy, here are a few questions I’d ask:
1. What does it look she’s doing?
2. Does she look happy, sad, confused, excited, or peaceful?
3. How do you feel as you look at the images?
4. Why might she be the only one in the images?

Here’s an extension  project — have the child draw his own picture collage and write a story about it. See if you can take a picture and post it on your favorite social media site or have the child send it to a friend or relative. (You ‘ll cover in art, writing, and the use of digital tools all in one sweep!)

Share your experience!

* Thanks to Mary Marques for the photos.
** For extensive reading about visual literacy see the document at http://www.iste.org/docs/excerpts/medlit-excerpt.pdf


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