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Metacognition: How is Your Thinking Working For You?

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The easiest definition that I know of regarding metacognition is that it is “thinking about your thinking. ”

The late Dr. Michael E. Martinez refined the definition to be “the monitoring and control of thought”. See his full paper at  http://www.gse.uci.edu/person/martinez_m/docs/mmartinez_metacognition.pdf

If you have never heard of the word “metacognition” you are probably:
1. pronouncing the word over and over,
2. thinking about the concept,
3. analyzing  what you have read about the word,
4. trying to attach its meaning to some other concept you know from the past,
5. reviewing your thoughts until you are sure you understand the word!

Congratulations: you are practicing metacognitive strategies and thinking about how you think and even how you learn.

To be digitally literate,  yes, you need to use the electronic devices and software programs to find your information. Yet, once you find your information, you also need to interpret what you see and know if you are learning from the information you find.

So… digital natives and digital immigrants how’s your thinking working out for you?

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2 thoughts on “Metacognition: How is Your Thinking Working For You?

  1. Your strands on the various components of digital literacy (this post, Visual Literacy, and Information Literacy) are refreshingly concise, clearly organized, and readily understood. You really know how to pack a lot of information into a small space! A pleasure to read with the option to follow on to more in-depth material.

    • Thanks for the kudos. I do work at having clear and concise writing. It’s all that technical writing experience coming forth! 🙂

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