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The Information Literacy Process

The basic process of information literacy is to find, retrieve, analyze, verify, and apply the information found. Look at the mini-steps under each section to ensure that you are actually executing the process correctly.

Start looking in places such as books, or asking information professionals,  even friends and family to help you acquire the information you seek.

a. Write the information.
b. Print it or photocopy it.
c. Download the information into your computer or mobile device.

ANALYZE (Study in detail the information found)
a. Do you understand what you are reading?
b. Ask yourself, “Does the information I have found actually answer my information need?”

a. Can you find the same information in another book or website?
b. Does the information read as if it is fact or someone’s opinion?
c. Does the copyright date in the book or the website lead you to believe that the information is useful for your information need?

Take action and use the information for your information need.

(Then I say, repeat the steps again, if your first try does not get you to the information you need.)

To learn so much more about information literacy and the models or process for becoming informationally literate, do some web research. Below are general keywords and  specific keywords for information models that you can type into Google to guide you.
Try these: information literacy,  information models, Big6 skills, Research Cycle, or Guided Inquiry, Super 3, or Kulthau model to get you started.

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